How it works

Everything you need to know

We know how daunting it is to find out about a new invention that promises you the world. The question is – will this shotgun shell deliver? We believe we do and apparently, our customers have the same opinion, as they keep returning.

Understanding how the process works can give you a well deserved peace of mind. After all, you cannot really tell if your seeds work straight away. It takes weeks for the first leaves to come out and tell you that it worked. On another hand, you do not feel like ruining the entire season just because the seeding system may not work. We guarantee it will work or you will get your money back. Feel free to try it on a small area first and convince yourself.

Most of our clients have started with small areas during the first seeding season. This way, they covered themselves with old fashioned seeding if our shells failed to work.

Since they came back for more shells, it was obvious that our idea worked. We clearly tried it for a few years before deciding to put it out on the market. We saved weeks of hard work, as well as the actual work – what can be easier than shooting seeds?

The process is fairly simple – you do not need any training. Get the shells in the shotgun, shoot them out and let the magic happen. It will take a few days for the first leaves to come up, assuming they are properly watered.

Understand how it works

The process is split over three steps – each of them plays a vital role, so make sure you follow the procedures. At the same time, it is important to perform them in the right order.

All about saving time

The primary role of our innovative seed shells is to save you time – you can save up to 95% of your time.

Think about the classic seeding process. It involves walking or using various machinery. It takes time and you can cover limited areas on a daily basis. If you have plenty of land, it will take weeks. With our shotgun, you do not have to go over the seeding area in person. Simply shoot the shells where you want the seeds to be – mission accomplished.

More about saving your back

If you use machinery to plant seeds, chances are you do not perform lots of physical work, yet some of it is still involved if you want maximum efficiency.

Our shotgun shells change everything to 180 degrees. You do not have to make any physical effort, apart from shooting your gun. It is a matter of seconds and it involves no work.

Simply put, you save time, as well as your back and legs.

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Go through our frequently asked questions for more details about our shells or simply get in touch with us if you have any issues.