Our shells

Most popular vegetables for your garden

Our shells are pre-filled with seeds to make your vegetable garden glow. We provide six different types of vegetable seeds – the most common options for this climate.

Carrots and tomatoes

It has never been easier to come up with your own carrots. Simply get the shell, shoot it out or drop it in your garden. You might as well grow everything inside the shell, as the roots are small and compact.

The same rule applies to tomatoes – they are easy to grow in many environments and are not too picky. Most of our clients grow them in the shell.

More types of peppers

Whether you are interested in small spicy peppers or the classic bell peppers, simply let us know when you place the order. Their small roots make them suitable for shell growth, yet you can also shoot it out and spread the seeds.

Bell peppers tend to have larger roots than other types of peppers, so we recommend spreading the seeds over your field or garden instead.

Seeding your own fruit bushes

We provide tree seeds as well, yet they cannot be grown in a shell. You can grow them inside the shell for a bit, but they must be moved into the ground as they start growing.

All kinds of berry bushes

Berries normally grow in bushes and their roots tend to get bigger with time. For the first season, you can grow them inside the shell. Starting with the second season, they should go inside your garden or they will no longer grow.

We provide more types of berries – make sure they can grow in your climate though. The most common ones we have include blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Fruit tree seeds

When it comes to fruit tree seeds, we have anything you can think of. You name it and we will send it over. Make sure you can grow it in your climate though – from banana trees to apple and orange trees.

Obviously, growing a tree from scratch will take more time. Also, you will have to spread seeds out, as roots grow too large to be kept inside a shell.

All kinds of cereals

Grains represent the base of food. This is where the most common food comes from – the bread. In other words, grains require wide areas and can be grown anywhere.

Planting grains over fields

Grains have small roots. They can be grown inside the shell. But then, they are less likely to provide too much, unless you cover an entire field or garden with them. Therefore, they should be spread around.

The best part about grains is the fact that they do not require too much care. They will not need too much time to grow and they are not picky.

More types of grains

Nine out of 10 grains will grow in almost every climate. There are, of course, a few exceptions worth some consideration. However, if you have four seasons over the year, you will most likely be able to do it.

For maximum efficiency, we do not recommend growing grains in the shell. While possible, you want them over wide areas and fields.