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1Can I use this shell to plant flowers?
In fact, many of our customers use these shells for flowers only. Sure, we have clients with wide lands and agriculture businesses, but many clients order the shells that allow growing plants inside them. They are larger and they are pre-filled with seeds. We chose plants whose roots will not grow too big, so they are safe to grow.
2Does the shell work in agriculture?
This was actually the primary purpose of our innovative shell. In fact, we run a family farm, so we tried it for many years at a large scale. In other words, we used these shells for various seeds over our lands, only to determine how much time it can save us. As a positive secondary effect, it also saved us lots of physical work.
3How many shells do I need?
This answer depends on nothing but the size of your land. If you want to plant some flowers around your house, one shell should give you enough for a small area. You can also grow some flowers directly from the shell. If you have a wide area, you will need many more. Think about the shell as a small sachet full of seeds.
4How fast do seeds work?
Normally, it depends on the seeds you choose, but other factors will also influence the final result. For example, you need to double check the climate in your area. Make sure you also have the right soil for the respective plants. If everything is right, you should see the first leaves coming out of the ground within days only.
5What do I need to do once the seeds are out?
The fact that we put seeds in shells will help with convenience and versatility. Other than that, there is nothing different about these seeds. They work just like any other seeds you would get from commerce. In other words, you plant them, then you start watering them according to the instructions – different plants have different requirements.
6How much in advance should I order?
We tried the shells on our lands and they worked. Our first customers bought small amounts to test them first and they worked. The word of mouth got us really far, so we are overwhelmed these days. You might want to order at least four weeks in advance – especially if you want to place a large order – to avoid disappointment.

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