Who we are

Here at Flower Shell, we have created an innovative way to grow plants and spread seeds around. We have created shotgun shells in different sizes. Some plants can be grown directly in the shells, while others should be spread over fields.

In other words, we target more categories of people – casual florists who like flowers all around them, as well as agriculture experts looking for more efficient ways to spread seeds around.

How it all started

We represent a family owned farm trying to find more clever ways to improve our efficiency. Once we find something, we share it with the entire world – especially nearby communities.

Our farm has been active for over 400 years. However, the innovative shotgun shell has come to life around a decade ago. We tested its efficiency and improved it with every new season, so it took us about four years to bring it where it is today – more efficient and more powerful.

We are also targeting a different segment of clients – casual florists. If you like plants around your home, chances are you can take advantage from our flower shells. Some of our shells are larger and allow growing plants without spreading seeds around – directly in the actual shell.